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In the wake of Christian Bale's epic freak-out heard around the world, the Internet did what it does best: unleash an unholy barrage of hilarious remixes and parody videos.

You may have already seen a few of these, but for your LOLing convenience, we've rounded up the best of the bunch into one VERY NSFW place (WARNING: if you don't like hearing bad words shouted hilariously by a beloved leading man, DO NOT watch any of these videos).

So without further adieu, we bring to you:

Wonderwall's Top 5 NSFW Christian Bale Parody Videos

1. F***in' Newsies

We have to hand it to our friends at Best Week Ever, because the only thing better than a young Christian Bale singing Disney show tunes about a turn of the century news boy strike is, well, that very same box-office bomb laden with explosive Bale-isms.

2. Stephen Colbert vs. Steve Martin

Colbert is usually such an affable, good-natured guy. Leave it to a "Jerk" like Steve Martin to bring out his totally Bale-istic hot-headed side. Let's go again!

3. Christian Bale vs. Bill O'Reilly

Would life imitate art if O'Reilly invited Bale on his show? Wait - or is it the other way around - art imitating life? Give us an F'ing answer! Seriously though, this remix is so meta, it kinda makes us think. And laugh. And cry. And hide. (Bonus points for the perfect synch job.)

4. He's Just Not That F*cking Into You

If you've ever felt an unwieldy urge to rage against Jenifer Aniston and the chick flick marketing machine, this mash-up is for you - and all your STUPID little friends, too. Can't you take a hint? Bale is just not that F'ing into you.

5. "R U Professional?" (Song)

Oooh, goood for you. This is the hipster indie rock Bale mash-up from some band called The Mae Shi that we've all been waiting for. Basically, a bunch of Crayola t-shirt wearing guys get all "la da da da like this in the background." Shut up! Are you professional!?!

Finally, we had to give an honorable mention to, who created an entire soundboard dedicated specifically to the stark-raving-mad Christian Bale and those who love to appropriate his expletive-ridden sound bytes for their often diabolical, yet always hilarious purposes. It's the gift that keeps on giving: Spontaneous freakouts rarely have THX certified production values.