Famke Janssen has gone toe-to-toe with some of Hollywood's biggest leading men, from Pierce Brosnan (GoldenEye) to Owen Wilson (I Spy) to, most recently, Jeremy Renner when she starred as the evil Muriel in Hansel & Gretel.

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During a phone call from her home country of Holland, the stunning actress, 47, recently spoke with Us Weekly about the DVD release of Hansel & Gretel, what it was like to play a witch, the shocking secret behind Wolverine costar Hugh Jackman's physique and why she'd happily take over Liam Neeson's role in Taken 3.

Us: How did you feel about playing a witch in Hansel & Gretel?

FJ: Living in Holland I grew up with these stories. Honestly speaking it's not the most flattering proposal, but it was great to work with Jeremy. It was hard not to laugh at myself when I caught my face in the mirror with that ugly makeup on. It was really incredible what they did with those cosmetics.

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Us: How was it working with Jeremy and Gemma Arterton?

FJ: Everyone was great. We had an amazing time shooting it, and despite how weird I looked they actually looked pretty cute!

Us: You recently shot a scene in Wolverine with Hugh Jackman. How did it feel to be back with him on set?

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FJ: Hugh is one of the best guys in Hollywood, I love him. He is just an incredible actor, and someone I respect immensely. It has been such an honor to be involved with the X-Men films for so long, I was very happy to be coming back. Not to mention he¹s not bad to look at.

Us: What is that guy's secret?

FJ: I'll tell you one of them. He has a set of weights on set with him all the time. I'd be filming a scene in bed with him, where he¹s supposed to be asleep, when the director yells "cut" he jumps up and goes over to pump weights until their ready to shoot again. Then he just lies back down when the scene starts again and closes his eyes. He's a machine.

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Us: So Taken 3 is happening?

FJ: Liam Neeson said he was not interested because he thinks the plot would be a little ridiculous, but I think you never know. I'd love to. I'd be happy to take over his role, and his paycheck. Maybe he could be the one that¹s kidnapped! I could save him, I know how to fight. I've got some skills as well.

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