Like many of those who have lost a loved one, Farrah Abraham routinely pays her respects to the father of her 3-year-old daughter, Sophia.

But in her latest music video, "On My Own," Abraham takes a moment that some would prefer to keep private -- visiting the grave of her ex-boyfriend Derek Underwood -- and instead, shares it with her fans.

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Since posting the piece of work on her YouTube channel on Wednesday, the Teen Mom star's second music video has gained over 35,000 hits. The clip opens with little Sophia being pushed on a swing, then sitting in the grass inside the cemetery where her deceased father lies.

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Abraham's lyrics -- directed at Underwood -- for her follow-up song include the emotional roller coaster the single mom has endured since her ex was killed in a December 2008 car accident when Abraham was eight months pregnant.

"I'm the push behind the swing/I know everything we wanted what we strived for/I wish you could be with me/my hopes have dropped/my sadness flares/my anger is my power/my heart just stares."

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Earlier this month, the MTV reality star opened up about how she's keeping Underwood's memory alive for the sake of her daughter."Every year, we go to Derek's grave site," the 20-year-old model told The Mom's View July 30. "We take pictures, we record it, and I have a whole baby box for Sophia with letters and pictures telling how and why things happened, and why I'm here today alone."

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