With the holiday season around the corner, celebrities are looking to give back through some of their pet causes -- and Us Weekly has details on how you can help, too!


In October, Paper Crown designer Lauren Conrad customized a piece of clothing to fit the personalities of eight breast cancer survivors as part of Susan G. Komen's annual gala. Conrad -- who lost her sewing teacher to the disease -- spent time listening to their stories. "They've been through a trauma and have been stripped of everything we associate with femininity: their hair, their figures," says Conrad, 26. "Helping them feel beautiful is amazing."

Kim Kardashian got into the spirit of giving following her short-lived 2011 marriage to Kris Humphries. When her marriage crumbled after just 72 days, Kardashian, 32, decided to donate twice the value of her gifts -- $200,000 -- to the Dream Foundation, a "wish-granting organization" for adults with life-threatening illnesses.

Here's how you can support your celebs' favorite charities:

Eastern Congo Initiative - supported by Ben Affleck

U.N. Refugee Agency - supported by Angelina Jolie

charity: water - supported by Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith

Pencils of Promise - supported by Justin Bieber

Joyful Heart Foundation - supported by Mariska Hargitay

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