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Paola Kudacki / . 1 / 8

There are many people who would do just about anything for the opportunity to hang out with Taylor Swift's squad. But FKA twigs could care less about joining the "Shake It Off" singer's ever-expanding clique of famous gal pals.

Don't get it twisted: There's no "Bad Blood" between the 27-year-old British singer-songwriter and the pop star. The artist formerly known as Tahliah Debrett Barnett just isn't interested in walking down TayTay's catwalk during a stop on her tour.

"I think Taylor Swift is great, but I wouldn't necessarily think, 'Oh my god, I have to be friends with her,'" twigs told the October issue of Paper magazine.

She went on to address the differences between herself and the blond beauty and their respective fan bases: "When I meet fans, they're quite creative and intelligent, kind, sensitive," she said. "Some are old ladies, witch doctors from Louisiana, kids that have just left art school. Gay or lesbian couples, straight middle-aged couples. ... I'm honest, and that comes out."

But the biggest difference between twigs and Taylor, according to the "Two Weeks" singer, is their attitudes toward their status as role models.

"I just like working hard and learning things," she told Paper. "I do this because I want my children to have a nice life, and I want my children's children to have a nice life. And I want my grandkids to be proud of what I've achieved. And I want to be a role model, but not for the world."

"I don't mind about that -- that'll come or it won't come," she added, "It's no different from being a car salesman. Imagine if I said to a car salesman, 'Why are you doing that?' [They'd say] 'cos I want to work hard, and I want to have a nice life, and when I have kids, I want to be able to buy a house.' It's still the same values. You're looking at me like I'm mad."

Twigs' crew may not include pop stars, but it does include fiance Robert Pattinson. As for Taylor, well, she certainly isn't lacking for famous besties.