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Jennifer Beals, the star of "Flashdance," is coming under heavy fire after leaving her dog inside her car in Vancouver.

The actress, who also stars in the upcoming TNT series "Proof," left her passenger-side window of her Ford Escape down a few inches, but critics say that isn't enough and it basically amounts to animal cruelty.

According to Canadian reports, Jennifer was gone for about five minutes. A concerned passerby confronted the actress about leaving her German Shepherd-type dog in passenger seat of the car.

"It's fine," she reportedly told the citizen. "Thank you."

The temperature that day in the western Canadian city reached close to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

A spokesman for British Columbia's Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals criticized the actress' judgment for only leaving the window down a few inches, saying, "In this temperature, I don't think that would necessarily create the type of cooling effect that would ever be sufficient."