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In a new TV interview, Forest Whitaker addresses a shoplifting accusation made against him earlier this year.

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The Oscar winner was mistaken for a common crook at the Milano Market in Manhattan earlier this year after a store employee suspected the actor of stealing.

Whitaker, who was frisked in front of other shoppers, has since received an apology from the store's owners and the employee has been fired, but Whitaker tells ABC News film correspondent Peter Travers he'll never forget the moment he was accused of stealing.

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He says, "I was angered. It's a humiliating thing for someone to come and do that. It's attempted disempowerment."

The "Butler" star adds, "Most of the stop and frisk ... nine out of the 10 (times someone is frisked), the person is not a criminal. They don't ticket them, or they don't arrest them (and) 99 percent of them don't have a weapon. So I think there's something that has to be examined."

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