@bridgetmarquardt / Instagram 1 / 11
@bridgetmarquardt / Instagram 1 / 11

Off the market! Hugh Hefner's ex and former "Girls Next Door" star Bridget Marquardt is engaged to her longtime director boyfriend, Nick Carpenter... and you have to see the scary sparkler she's rocking!

The former reality star announced the news via Instagram on Oct. 1, writing, "Happy Oct. 1st!!! Oh...and... Did I mention @nicholascarpenter and I are engaged? 👻❤💍🎃👰"

The Instagram snap show Bridget holding her man's hand while wearing a diamond-encrusted ring in the shape of a spider. The words "Till death do us part" appear on a glittered sign, as well.

The ring is fitting, considering Bridget has called herself the "Queen of Halloween" in the past.

Bridget and Nicholas first met at her former residence, the famed Playboy Mansion, in 2008, and the two began dating quickly.

"I really haven't dated in so long," she told Us Weekly at the time. "I feel like I'm in high school again."

When the two met, Bridget was just ending her relationship -- if you want to call it that -- with the Playboy magnate, as were her costars Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson.

In a 2011 interview with YourTango, Bridget spoke about what she looks for in a future husband.

"I've heard that people want to marry their best friends. I think that should be partially true," she shared. "You want someone you can sit with in sweats, plus go out with. You want them to have a lot of best friend qualities, but you want to make sure that you have the spice and passion that you wouldn't have with your best friend. You want the relationship to be one step beyond that."

Judging from her Instagram, the engagement may have happened at Disneyland. Bridget posted several images from the Southern California resort indicating she was hanging with buddy Holly Madison and other friends.

Congrats to the happy couple!