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David Cassidy had gotten himself into some serious trouble. The former teen idol was charged with a hit-and-run in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on Wednesday after fleeing the scene of an accident on Sept. 9, reports The Associated Press.

The "Partridge Family" star allegedly sideswiped a truck and subsequently attempted to cover his license plate before he fled the scene. Police told local paper The Sun Sentinel that the 65-year-old drove away from the accident despite a flat tire. Later the actor found at a nearby hospital for what he said was a scheduled appointment.

Police tracked down the fallen star down after a witness on the scene photographed the car's tag number before speeding away.

In addition to be charged with fleeing the scene, Cassidy is also being charged with driving with an expired tag -- his 2014 Kia Sportage registration had an Aug. 31, 2014 expiration date.

Cassidy's lawyer Jason Forman told the Sun Sentinel, "There's certainly a lot of major inconsistencies in the report."

The iconic "I Think I Love You" singer has run into a host of troubles in the past few years. In February, the aging actor filed for bankruptcy. Us Weekly reported that Cassidy owes hundreds of thousands to several creditors, including Wells Fargo, American Express, and Citi.

Cassidy was also arrested for drunk driving in August 2013 and November 2010.

A hearing has been scheduled for Oct. 27.