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Friends of LeAnn Rimes and Dean Sheremet are speaking out on their reported split.

Unnamed acquaintances tell People.com that the two "were pretty much inseparable." The couple was regularly seen out and about together at the gym, eating out with friends, getting their groove on at nightclubs -- and shopping for Rimes' wardrobe.

Some credit Dean for transforming his wife from country girl to diva. "When she met Dean, the whole image of who LeAnn Rimes was completely morphed into 'fabulousity,'" a music industry friend tells the mag. The friend added that her hubby "saw the potential that was not being tapped ... Her wardrobe, hair and makeup changed almost over night from the time they started being together."

Other sources say the split does not come as a surprise. "I don't think it's unusual considering how young they were [when they wed], and the business they're in," said one friend.