Nina Westervelt / Wonderwall 1 / 5
Nina Westervelt / Wonderwall 1 / 5

Pop superstar Lady Gaga treated her father to a new heart with the advance for her new album.

The Poker Face singer revealed her dad, Joseph, had undergone open-heart surgery in a 'tweet' to fans on over the weekend (24Oct09) - and now she's revealing her fortune helped him get the best treatment.

In a radio interview with 104.7 KISS FM in Phoenix, Arizona on Monday morning (26Oct09), the singer said, "It was pretty necessary... It was the biggest nightmare of my life. My father is my whole world; I'm such a daddy's girl.

"I said, 'I haven't bought anything yet with any of the money that I've made from my new album... so let me buy you a new heart, dad.' And he said, 'OK, fine.'"

And GaGa is relieved the worst few days of her life are over: "I took care of my mom and my sister and I took care of me, and he's gonna be out in a couple of days... Now I feel like I can get back to work.

"For a while I was feeling like I just wanted to give up. This really kinda put things in perspective... When this happened I really just kinda said, 'I don't wanna do anything for the next two weeks; I just wanna be with my dad and be a good daughter.'"