Game of Thrones is on a winning streak. After bringing fans to their knees with the bloody, shocking penultimate episode ("Red Wedding"), in which three beloved characters were killed, the finale slayed in its own way. Here are the most memorable moments from the last episode ("Mhysa") of season 3.

- A heartbroken and crazy-mad Ygritte tracks down Jon Snow and shows her love for him in a uniquely Wilding way: by shooting a few arrows into him, before he escapes yet again.

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- Jon Snow reunites with Sam -- and their bromance is reignited.

- Tywin, the mastermind behind the Red Wedding slaughter, is his usual calculating, cold, and cruel self, but he shows an even more chilling side when he lectures his dwarf son Tyrion about the importance of making sacrifices for the sake of family. When Tyrion demands to hear of a time when his authoritarian father made such a sacrifice, Tywin replies it was the day when Tyrion was born. He wanted to kill his newborn son but he didn't because Tyrion is a Lannister. Ouch.

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- More family dysfunction courtesy of the Lannisters! Cersei finally reunites with her brother and lover Jaime Lannister, now one hand short.

-Balon Greyjoy receives a package from his son Theon's torturer, who's revealed to be Ramsay Snow, the bastard son of Roose Bolton. In it is poor Theon's severed penis. His sibling rival, Yara, defies their father and vows to rescue her brother.

- Arya, the young fearless Stark daughter finally finally gets to get her hands bloody. When she hears some Frey troops joking about the murder of her mom, brother, and his pregnant wife, she stabs one of them -- again and again.

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- After bonding with Davos, who rescued him from the clutches of Melisandre, Gendry succinctly explains why he fell for the creeptastic priestess' leeches-faciliated seduction. "Big words, no clothes, what would you have done?"

- Daenerys crowd-surfs! After telling the slaves of Yunkai that their freedom is not hers to give ("You must take it for yourselves"), the ecstatic crowd shows their support, literally, for the rock-star mother of dragons, propping her up and chanting "Mhysa," which means "mother."

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