George Clooney joined dad Nick Clooney for a special screening of George's critically acclaimed Edward R. Murrow film 'Good Night, and Good Luck' in Washington Monday night, and it wasn't long before the jokes began to fly.

The elder Clooney, a former news anchor and columnist, uses the 2005 film about the legendary journalist who took on Joseph McCarthy in the '50s to teach students at American University.

At the Newseum, a museum about the news, George made a special appearance and his dad said that it's important to him that college students learn from his son's work, according to the Associated Press.

"I don't care for that," George interjected sarcastically.

"Never cared for this kid!" responded his dad. "His sister's great."

"I always wanted to be adopted -- couldn't find anyone," came back George.

Once the audience laughter subsided, George got serious about his Oscar-nominated film, saying, "I realized if I was going to do a movie like this, I was going to have to get everything right."