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By Michelle Lanz

As thousands are feared dead in the aftermath of the massive Haiti earthquake, celebs are banding together with charitable donations to help the displaced population.

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According to E! News, George Clooney is on board to host a telethon to raise funds for the victims of the Haiti earthquake, which is supposed to air on Friday, Jan. 22 on all MTV channels, including VH1.

Clooney is calling on his celebrity friends and performers to participate, and MTV chief executive Judy McGrath has already agreed to air the show. With George on the phone and celebs already pledging their support, the show is likely to be full of high-profile stars.

No stars have confirmed their involvement, but Showbiz 411 reports that Sting and his wife Trudie Styler have signed on after bumping into Clooney at a reception for his film "Up in the Air."

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have already announced they will donate $1 million to Doctors Without Borders' emergency medical operations. Haitian-born musician Wyclef Jean is already in his home country to help in the relief efforts and to call on others to do their part.

The former Fugees star tweeted: "Your money will help with relief efforts. They need our help - please help if you can. Pray for the people of Haiti [and] me please."

Other celebs have taken to Twitter to spread Jean's message and to get people to donate to Jean's nonprofit Yele Haiti Foundation and other assistance programs.

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"Anyone that may be listening's attention. Call 1884074747 State Dept for Haitian Relief Please help them….. I know I will as much as I can," Lindsay Lohan tweeted. "Yele Haiti now for the disaster. Please do all that you can."

Adam Lambert did his part to spread the word about UNICEF's campaign to help. "Please, everyone donate even the smallest of what you can," he wrote. "We are so fortunate. Let us give where truly needed."

Ben Stiller also tweeted his support, writing, "People in Haiti need our help and attention right now."