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Oops! On Nov. 23, Giada De Laurentiis slipped up and cut her finger during Food Network's annual "Thanksgiving Live" special.

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The Italian chef accidentally sliced her finger with a knife while carving a bit of turkey on the live show, according to E! Online.

She had to leave the taping right away to go get patched up, but came right back with a bandage on to resume filming.

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Giada captioned a quite gory photo on Instagram of the injury, "Before & adjustment to my normal mani! #backtonormalin2wks #thanksgivinglive."

Fellow chef Alton Brown, who was also a part of the Thanksgiving show, made light of the situation on Twitter.

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He wrote, "#savegiada'sfinger," and added, "We did locate the end of Giada's left index finger in the stuffing. Rushing to hospital now."

Jokes aside, we hope Giada heals quickly!