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Mel Gibson is urging interviewers to stop asking him about his drunken rant at a Jewish police officer in 2006, insisting he wants to put the past behind him.

The "Lethal Weapon" star was detained on a drunk-driving charge three and a half years ago, but the incident became a public relations nightmare when Gibson was accused of making a series of unpleasant remarks to the cop who arrested him.

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The actor apologized several times for his behavior and quit booze following his outburst.

But the incident frequently comes back to haunt him as he promotes his new movie, "Edge Of Darkness," and one recent interview with an American TV station turned nasty when Gibson objected to questioning on the subject.

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The 54-year-old is adamant he doesn't want to talk about the incident anymore, because he would prefer to move on with his life.

He tells OK! magazine, "It’s said that I went into a rant, but I think it went on for about five words. I was drunk. It just turned into a big thing. I apologized profusely -- not once but three times. So what’s the problem? It’s four years ago. Do I need to apologize again?”

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