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Giuliana Rancic's departure from "E! News" has apparently been planned, but her decision to leave was kicked into overdrive when the network hired her archenemy Maria Menounos. The women just don't get along.

"It's the battle of the b------. They're like oil and water. They cannot stand each other," a source told the New York Post.

The two rivals have known each other for many years ago and their feud is just as long.

"They've always been rivals. Maria sees Giuliana as competition and it goes back years," the source said. "They never speak and they won't appear on-set together. It's kind of unspoken that if she is in the building, Giuliana wants nothing to do with her."

But, a second source insisted that Maria harbors no ill will, saying, "Maria doesn't have any issues with Giuliana, she sees her as a role model. Giuliana doesn't feel the same way."

Giuliana will still have a presence on the network, just not on "E! News," whose ratings have left a lot to be desired. The show could probably benefit from a face lift.

"Giuliana knows it's a sinking ship and she's had an awful year. It's half her decision to leave and half getting pushed out," says the Post's source.

"An awful year" could be an understatement. The controversial host came under fire for her ill-advised joke about Zendaya Coleman's hair in February. She was also blasted during the awards season for having an image that many said was too skinny. Somewhere along the way, she also became bitter enemies with her one-time friend Kelly Osbourne. On a personal level, her hopes for a second child were dealt a big blow after the surrogate who was carrying her third and final embryo had miscarried.

Giuliana will begin transitioning out of her current E! role beginning in August. In announcing her exit, she said, "For more than a decade I was fortunate enough to play a role in the success of 'E! News' and will miss my family at the show. At the same time, I am excited to not only continue as host of two major franchises on E! but also executive produce the aspirational new show 'Rich in Faith' for Oxygen as well as take my wine and clothing lines to the next level."