Ethan Miller / Getty Images North America
Ethan Miller / Getty Images North America

"Gone Baby Gone" actor Sean Malone is in critical condition after nearly drowning off the coast of Massachusetts on July 20.

The Boston Globe reported that Sean swam too far out into the water off of a South Boston beach and began having trouble. Lucky for him, an off-duty firefighter just happened to be working out nearby and saw the actor in distress. The hero, Chris Flaherty, grabbed a paddle board from the beach, paddled out to where he had seen the struggling actor.

When he arrived, though, he could not find Sean, who had gone under the water. A boat of teenagers had also seen a man waving his arms in distress at the same time and they, along with the off-duty firefighter, assisted in the search.

The Globe said the firefighter spotted Sean, jumped off the boat, and swam to him. He had the teenagers turn off the boat's motor while he swam back to them with the unconscious actor. He then talked them through lifting Malone onto the boat appropriately.

Two other off-duty firefighters who were working out with Chris near the beach, met the boaters at the shore to assist with CPR and chest compressions (during the rescue, the two firemen had grabbed a defibrillator, but never used it.)

In an odd twist of fate, it turns out that Sean's brother is one of Boston's deputy fire chiefs.

Aside from "Gone Baby Gone," Sean also appeared in small roles in a half dozen films, including 2014's "The Forger" and 2010's "The Fighter." He's also appeared in Dish's "Hopper" commercials.