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Alas, lovesick puppy-dog eyes and public mea culpas do not a reconciliation make. Sources tell People that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher won't be reuniting, despite their supposedly emotional meet-up last week in Los Angeles.

A British tabloid claimed the estranged pair were still "desperately in love" and hoping to reunite following their face time at a May 24th birthday party for Kabbalah instructor Yehuda Berg, who officiated their 2005 wedding.

But People paints a far less romanticized portrait of their rendezvous.

"They were friendly," recalls a spy. "Ashton got up at one point and grabbed coffee in a paper cup for Demi, and they smiled a few times during the program at each other. They seemed to get along and feel comfortable."

That said, "Ashton and Demi won't go back to being what they were," affirms another insider.

The actor has been linked to everyone from Rihanna to Mila Kunis since Moore pulled the plug on their union in November amid allegations of his hot tub-inclusive extracurricular activities.

He "will always support" his rehabbed missus, but "the relationship has evolved and will continue to," explains the mole. "There are just too many issues to go back. It's about figuring out how to move forward into a new place."

Kutcher was seen hanging out last week with stepdaughter Rumer Willis, and "the family is in a pretty good place right now," says the source. "Ashton will always be a part of their lives, especially with regard to the girls and how close he is with them."

Demi, for her part, helped fuel the reunion rumblings by posting a series of self-help-style tweets that many figured were aimed at Ashton (e.g., "We all make mistakes. Don't let that be the reason you give up on somebody"). But she was quick to quiet the conclusions being drawn.

Tweeted Moore on Sunday, "You have to laugh at the media's need to twist and take tweets out of context so they can create fictitious stories to sell to the public!"


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