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@charliesheen / Twitter 1 / 11

Hey, remember when Denise Richards took in Charlie Sheen's twin sons with Brooke Mueller when they both proved incapable of caring for them? And she did so despite the toll it took on her own family, including her two daughters with the volatile TV star? Well, Charlie apparently doesn't, because TMZ says he's cut off Denise's child support and is booting her out of the house he bought for her.

Sheen is supposedly two months behind on the $55,000-a-month he owes Richards for Lola, 8, and Sam, 10, and he only coughed up half the payment for January, the same month he called his second ex-wife a "pig" on social media. It should be noted that an entire year of child support payments is chump change in relation to what the mercurial actor is pocketing for "Anger Management."

Word is, Sheen has also ordered Richards out of the mansion he bought for her in 2011, which is located a few houses down from his own estate. He ostensibly purchased it to make it easier for him to see his daughters, but now he wants Denise and his offspring to move elsewhere because he has a new buyer lined up.

Says TMZ, "Charlie is not hiding his contempt for Denise or the fact that this is retaliation."

Meanwhile, Radar Online says he's reinstated Mueller's own $55,000-a-month payment, despite publicly raging about his much-rehabbed third ex-wife in recent months. Seems he's feeling generous now that she's letting him see the twins, and he's even allowing her to stay in yet another nearby mansion he purchased.

Radar also believes that Denise's eviction notice came at the urging on Charlie's former porn star fiancée, Brett Rossi.

"Brett convinced Charlie to sell the mansion, arguing that Denise has cut off access to their daughters," contends a source. "Why should he allow her to live in the house for free?"

According to TMZ, Sheen is convinced that Richards is keeping him from seeing Sam and Lola, but the actress' camp says that's not the case.

Insiders explain that she just can't hand over the kids "when he feels like having them on a whim," especially since she wisely wants to be present when he's with them.

Denise plans to challenge Charlie in court.


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