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Denise Richards called it quits with Charlie Sheen nearly nine years ago, but she remains one of his favorite targets. During their bitter 2007 custody battle over daughters Sam and Lola, she accused the actor of sawing their wedding photo in half and spray-painting the words, "the dumbest day of my life,'" across it.

This week, Sheen tweeted a pic of a threateningly chopped-up baseball bat-shaped salami (yes, such a thing exists) from their 2002 wedding because he was apparently upset that Richards didn't invite him along on their family Christmas vacation. His message: "The lie is over. I'm done being treated like a relative with a one-way ticket."

And even though sources insist that it was all a misunderstanding and the "Anger Management" star is welcome to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus with his ex-wife and daughters, he's seemingly gone into revenge mode. According to TMZ, he's threatening to cut Denise's current $55,000-a-month child support payment because he believes her alleged Christmas dis proves she's "epically ungrateful."

Sheen is purportedly "enraged" over his previous generosity, including buying her a $9 million home close to his own digs so he could more easily see the girls (rumor has it, Richards had the property put not in her name but into a trust for the girls, so they'd always have a base close to their father).

TMZ says Charlie and Denise's current financial agreement was settled privately, but now Sheen wants to go to court to get his support payments reduced and establish an "ironclad right" for him to see his kids on the holidays.

A couple things to keep in mind here: Denise reportedly refused to accept money when she took on temporary custody of Sheen's twin boys, Bob and Max, with his endlessly rehabbed ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, a situation the actress eventually had to end because of the physical and emotional upheaval it caused her family. Mueller then unsuccessfully sicced social services on Richards.

Some slack, Denise deserves it.

Also, Charlie is currently joined at the lips (and other parts we prefer not to think about) with yet another porn star. Perhaps Richards, remembering that previous family trip to New York when Sheen was hospitalized after a porn star-adjacent freakout at the Plaza Hotel, just wants a drama-free holiday.