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All Chris Brown had to do was follow the rules at his swanky Malibu rehab facility. But on Friday, he was tossed in the pokey sans bail after being dropkicked from the facility, and TMZ says it's because he flouted a trio of rehab regulations.

First up, he was allegedly ordered to stay at least two feet away from all women he encountered at the rehab center, an unusual directive issued for him alone, apparently due to his 2009 assault on Rihanna.

Brown is believed to have violated the rule by "touching elbows and hands with a woman."

He also refused to submit to a random drug test after returning from an authorized excursion last week, another breach of the rules. Chris eventually handed over his body fluids for testing, but the damage was done.

The third transgression reportedly came when Brown "made a mockery of rehab" by tossing out some "harsh comments" during a group therapy session. You'll recall that back in November, he smashed his mother's car window with a rock after a particularly emotional family therapy session.

Meanwhile, TMZ also claims Chris was romantically involved with a female at the facility, but for some odd reason that didn't weigh in the decision to eighty-six him from the program.

Brown's legal troubles stem from both his attack on RiRi and an incident from last October in Washington, D.C. On Monday, a judge ordered him to remain in jail until a hearing in late April.

According to the AP, the judge said he was "troubled" by comments Brown purportedly made in rehab about how he was good with guns and knives.


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