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Model Chrissy Teigen won't stand for anyone questioning the fidelity of her fiancé, John Legend. She let loose a Twitter rant on Thursday after the New York Post accused the crooner of engaging in a "lusty lip-lock" with a dewy knockout he apparently happened upon at a Manhattan restaurant last week.

"Just read John cheated on me and in the uber-credible Post," huffed Teigen. "I'm just heartbroken as it's definitely not typical post bulls---."

According to the paper, Legend was hanging with some buddies when they started chatting up "two pretty girls in their late 20s, one blond and one brunette."

When the fair-haired young lady made a trip to the restroom, the singer allegedly followed and "just grabbed her arm and brought her with him [into a bathroom]," alleges a spy. After a couple minutes, the blonde emerged and supposedly told her friend she had a "steamy make-out session" with Legend.

But soon after, "The same girl saw another hot guy and started talking to him."

Oh, the fickle flame of purported desire can be so cruel.

Anyhoodie, Teigen wasn't done blasting the paper.

"The @nypost is normally so kind to me," the Sports Illustrated beauty pointed out. "And I am normally not the one to use the term sh-- rag so I guess we're both a little off today."

But she wasn't finished. "Gonna buy a parrot for the sole reason of it sh---ing on the post every day," she added. "Also the singing and companionship."

Teigen, who has been dating Legend for almost seven years (they got engaged in late 2011), then concluded, "really need to learn to bite my tongue."

Perhaps, considering this wasn't even her first Twitter burn this week. On Monday, she tweeted a thinly veiled warning to those who might eyeball her squeeze: "I honestly think so many more of us would get along if you didn't want to [bleep] my fiancé."

The next evening, Teigen stepped out with Legend for a "Great Gatsby" screening, with an eyewitness telling the Post, "They seemed very much together. They were beaming and happy and holding hands."


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