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Is Demi Moore paddling around in a Jacuzzi-sized dating pool? E! News says the not-quite-ex Mrs. Ashton Kutcher, 50, is currently dating restaurateur/Hard Rock co-founder Peter Morton, 66, whose son, Harry, she was linked to earlier this year.

"They are into one another," says an insider, adding that Peter "is very charismatic and she loves that about him. He's a go-getter."

Moore has been dating the elder Morton for a couple months, says E!, which adds that they were introduced by the mogul's seemingly broad-minded son.

Word is, the pair mesh well because she's "very grounded" while he's "learning from her spirituality," whatever that means (we assume a Kabbalah-approved red string is involved). They also share common ground: Both have three children and have been divorced twice (with the third to come for Moore).

"Demi says that thanks to Peter, her toy boy fascination could be over," a source tells the oft-unreliable Grazia magazine (read: take it with a boulder of salt). "At 66, she never thought he'd be her type, but she really likes him."

According to reports, Morton split from supermodel Linda Evangelista in June after an on-off relationship of about seven years.

But are he and Moore actually an item?

Not according to a Demi confidant, who assures Gossip Cop that the dating whispers are "complete nonsense."

"She wasn't dating either of them," huffs the spy. "She has been friends with the family for a long time, and they are making things up simply because they are single men. People just won't stop."

Word of Demi's supposed romance comes just days after she was seen in the company of Kutcher, with whom she parted ways in November 2011.

Their contentious divorce has dragged on as they've reportedly battled over financial terms (she's said to be looking for a hefty payday).

The sighting, which came on the heels of quickly denied speculation that the actor had proposed to girlfriend Mila Kunis, has buoyed talk that a settlement may come sooner rather than later.


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