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If we were friends with Demi Moore, we'd tell her that sometimes it's best just to let things go and move on with life. But she's apparently unwilling to allow estranged husband Ashton Kutcher out of his marriage vows without some drama.

Many were scratching their heads on Thursday when the actress, 50, asked for spousal support and attorney's fees in her divorce documents, which she filed sixteen months after announcing the end of their six-year union, and two months after Kutcher, 34, filed his own divorce papers.

The supposed reason for the cash demand?

A Moore source tells TMZ that she was "really hurt" by Kutcher, who supposedly hot-tubbed with a blonde on their six-year anniversary. The insider also labels the actor, who rebounded post-split with Mila Kunis, a "bad husband."

"He humiliated her and then he treated her badly, which she didn't expect, and it really made her mad," another spy fumes to Radar Online. "She basically wants to hurt him the way he hurt her, and this is the only way she knows how."

According to TMZ, Demi has "untold millions more" than Ashton, even though he's made a mountain of money in recent years from "Two and a Half Men" and his various new media investments. And while there's very little chance that she'd be awarded spousal support, it seems the more she asks for now, the more she's likely to walk away with.

"We all know that during their marriage, he probably made lots more money than her," one Los Angeles lawyer tells E! News, "and if there is no prenup, she is entitled to 50 percent of whatever he accumulated during marriage."

TMZ says the exes are reportedly "pretty close" to reaching a financial settlement.

"Demi was totally blindsided when Ashton cheated on her, and she really hasn't gotten over it yet," adds the Radar source. "She really loved him, and she hasn't been able to let anything go. ... Demi is hurt, plain and simple, and she is lashing out."


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