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If Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin really want to raise the bar on the amicable celebrity divorce with their "conscious uncoupling," they might want to tell their respective camps to zip it. On the heels of a quickly denied report accusing Chris Martin of an entanglement with a "Saturday Night Live" assistant back in 2011 comes a Page Six story alleging Paltrow "didn't want to go public" with their split.

The Oscar winner supposedly preferred to "keep pretending to the world" that they were still happily married and was loath to make their problems known.

"It was his idea to announce the split," says a source. "They had drifted apart, and there was no chance they'd get back together, so he felt it was wrong to keep pretending."

The GOOP-meister is purportedly "upset" because she feels the blame is being unfairly directed her way due to rumors (all denied) linking her to moneybags businessman Jeffrey Soffer, entertainment lawyer Kevin Yorn and "Glee" producer Brad Falchuck. Martin, meanwhile, has recently faced whispers over his connection to model Alexa Chung.

According to People, Paltrow, 41, and Martin, 37, occasionally had an "open relationship."

"If Chris was playing around, Gwyneth didn't care," maintained a spy. "She's never been jealous or territorial. Her philosophy is, 'We're both adults. We make our own choices.'"

And on Sunday, their choice was to attend a birthday party for Paltrow's "Iron Man" co-star Robert Downey Jr. as a family.

"They were lovey-dovey and playful," an onlooker tells People. "They were with the kids [Apple 9, and Moses, 8], they held hands and laughed and joked as a family. It was not the typical picture of a divorce. If the reports had not come out you would think, 'Wow, they are a perfect couple.'"

Continues the gushy insider, "Gwyneth was in such good spirits. She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail and she looked amazing." Chris, meanwhile, "seemed so engaging and nice. He looked like he'd been working out. He's ripped!"

The overly excited source concludes, "Nobody knew what was going on with the them. It was like a shock. It felt like they have a genuine love for each other, to the point where I wouldn't be surprised if a report came out in a couple of weeks that they are back together."


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