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ERIC GAILLARD / Reuters 1 / 7

Remember how Famke Janssen found that creepy children's book propped up on a shelf in the bedroom of her New York apartment last month and called the police, as any reasonable person would? Of course you do, because if you're anything like us, the terrifying cover of "The Lonely Doll" has been haunting your nightmares ever since (much like that Pennywise-esque clown has been haunting an English town).

The New York Post says cops have investigated and determined that the Dare Wright-penned book actually belongs to the actress.

Now, you might ask, how could Famke forget that she owned a disturbing-looking book about a doll named Edith, whose teddy bear pal promises never to leave her (repeat: NEVER)?

That's unclear, although investigators apparently found a few to-do lists inside the tome, at least one of which had her name on it, and thus concluded "the book has some connection to her home."

We're obviously not trained investigators, but we assume paper can be picked up and placed into a book by anyone with opposable thumbs. Still, cops found no evidence of an intruder after checking out surveillance video.

"There is nobody suspicious," says one. "All the people on the video are accounted for."

Seems there were also no signs of forced entry and no fingerprints on the book, which is exactly what you'd expect if some nefarious type were trying to freak Famke out by leaving her unsettling literature from the '50s.

According to the Post, Janssen probably won't be charged with filing a false report because she fully believes someone entered her apartment on Aug. 10 and left the spooky gift.


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