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In what is either the worst fan encounter ever or the product of a disgustingly fertile imagination, Radar Online claims Ryan Reynolds was on an Oct. 13 flight from New York to New Orleans with wife Blake Lively when a young woman in the row ahead of them in first class became airsick.

Seems she'd had a little too much red wine and, near the end of the flight, began tossing her cookies toward the window. Reynolds' beige cashmere sweater was supposedly caught in the barfing crossfire.

"The flight attendants were doing the best they could with giving him napkins," says a spy.

According to Radar, the six-packed star had to remove the stained garment and change into something else, much to the apparent delight of the other first-class passengers and crew.

"You couldn't help but notice Ryan taking off his shirt!" enthuses the snitch. No word on whether this was the purported spewing passenger's plan all along in order to see some celebrity abs up close and personal.

Reynolds is in New Orleans filming "Selfless." His rep did not respond to our request for comment on the ralphing rumors.


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