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The hits just keep on coming for Gwyneth Paltrow. In addition to her conscious uncoupling with Chris Martin and problems at GOOP, she's now dealing with an alleged stalker. E! News says the Oscar winner has received a temporary restraining order against a guy who apparently talked his way into the family's London home two years ago and recently attempted to gain entry into their Los Angeles residence.

A protection order issued Friday bars Nickolaos Gavrilis from coming within 100 yards of Paltrow, Martin and their two kids, Apple, 9, and Moses, 8.

According to the filing, Gavrilis has been "stalking and harassing Petitioner on two continents, has not stopped despite warnings from police, has previously been convicted of harassment by a criminal court and presents an immediate danger that great or irreparable harm would result if an order did not issue immediately."

The family's head of security stated in a declaration that Gavrilis was allowed into the Paltrow-Martin mansion in London back in 2012 "by falsely claiming that he had a business appointment with her." He also claimed that he wrote "Iron Man" and "The Avengers" and passed the scripts along to Paltrow 20 years ago but was never paid.

A second attempt to enter their London home last year was thwarted, but he tried the same "business appointment" tactic at their Los Angeles estate on April 4.

A hearing is set for May 12 on whether to make the restraining order permanent.


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