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@Hilaryduff / Twitter 1 / 16

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie may not have given their January split a fancy name, but they're still poster children for how to have an amicable parting of ways. So amicable, in fact, that the rumor mill suspects that they might be rethinking the whole thing.

E! News says Hilary, 26, and Mike, 33, appeared affectionate during a meet-up at a Chanel store in Los Angeles on Thursday. The ring-less, smiling pair, who are parents to 2-year-old son Luca, "engaged in some innocent PDA," including hugs and shoulder leaning.

Radar Online takes that friendliness and runs with it by claiming a reconciliation is in the works, prompted in part by their family Valentine's Day getaway to the Bahamas.

The trip was supposedly an opportunity for the sparkless twosome to work out custody and financial agreements, but instead they re-bonded, alleges Radar.

"Once they were together with their son, Luca, in the Caribbean, it got emotional and real," maintains a source. "Mike broke down and begged Hilary for a second chance."

Since then, they've supposedly rendezvoused several times. "Hilary's softened and the two are moving forward to see if they can work it out," adds the spy. "Hilary's one stipulation is that Mike step up to full-time parenting duties while she works on her new TV show and her music career."

But an E! News insider throws cold water on the reunion speculation: "They are still separated but are friends."


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