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When last we spared a thought for Jake Pavelka, the "Bachelor" headliner was telling would-be bride Vienna Girardi, "I'm disgusted with you." She, in a pot-meets-kettle follow-up, called the pilot (as he was so fond of reminding everyone) a "fame whore."

Cut to last week, when Life & Style saw Pavelka on a lunch date in Los Angeles with the sublime Kristin Chenoweth (perhaps her recent head injury on "The Good Wife" has impaired her dating judgment).

"Kristin and Jake walked into Joey's Cafe in West Hollywood on Nov. 13 and sat together at a cozy table," a source tells the mag. "They both had sunglasses on, like they didn't want to be recognized."

That really doesn't seem like it would be an issue for Pavelka, but moving on ...

During the meal, they "held hands across the table," recalls the spy. "They started to kind of nuzzle, and Jake seemed so into Kristin."

Anything else, suspiciously observant eyewitness? "He looked like he was starstruck and in love at the same time -- just beaming and smiling the whole time."

The pair were also reportedly seen together last week taking in a Barbra Streisand concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

Chenoweth, 43, who was previously involved with Aaron Sorkin, has made no secret of her desire to settle down.

"I want to be married," she told The Associated Press last year. "I feel finally ready for that."

And what kind of guy is the 4-foot-11 animal-loving singing powerhouse looking for?

"I get really turned off when men aren't as kind to others as I'd like them to be," she told E! News. "They should be. That's something I look for. Somebody that's got their own gig going on. I don't mean wealthy; I just mean has ambition and/or has their own life. And loves me for me."


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