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It has all the makings of a slow-motion scene from a formulaic romantic comedy: A scantily clad Rihanna runs into the Honolulu surf and proceeds to make out with a hunky guy she seductively lured into the water.

That's the story as told by the current issue of In Touch, which claims this cinematic moment happened late last month between the popster and Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden.

"Rihanna rushed into the ocean, but Darren had to be coaxed," alleges a spy. "She kept calling his name, and at one point, she discreetly flashed him. That did the trick. He ran into the water, and they started kissing."

Their "steamy romance" supposedly kicked off while Rihanna was in Hawaii promoting "Battleship," although the tab contends all subsequent handholding, dancing and "cuddling in a lounge chair" were simply part of RiRi's master plan to make rage-prone ex-boyfriend Chris Brown jealous.

One minor detail apparently left out of the tab's script: McFadden's girlfriend. According to TMZ, she was by his side during the Honolulu getaway.

Sources say the NFL star merely "introduced himself to Rihanna as a fan," and she bought the couple a round of drinks on the beach.

Still, RiRi's meeting with McFadden must have involved some mutual appreciation, because she was sporting a Raiders shirt when she tweeted pics last week of her visit with a few bendy strippers (click through the photos above to see).

Given such a busy schedule of promotional duties and exotic dancer ogling, it's no wonder Rihanna ended up hooked to an IV after the Met Gala on Monday night.


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