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Hilary Duff doesn't know what her future will be with not-so-estranged husband Mike Comrie, but could the coming days be filled with E-meters and copies of "Dianetics"? Rumblings have begun that the starlet may be delving into Scientology after she showed off an odd arm tattoo in a recent photo (see below).

The ink stain features a moon, a triangle and an arrow, which Radar Online suspects could be Scientology symbols. It also points out that she's posing in the pic with Alanna Masterson, who, along with her actor brothers Danny and Christopher, are longtime members of the church. Last month, good pals Hilary and Alanna were spotted at the Coachella Music Festival together.

The speculation was concerning enough for Buzzfeed to ask fans to "save" Duff from Xenu's grasp ("sound the alarms and send help and support") by writing messages of encouragement.

But Hilary brushed off the Scientology talk on Thursday and explained what the tat actually represents.

"My favorite moon is out tonight 🌙," tweeted Duff, "which is what [my] arm tattoo actually stands for in case anyone was confused ..."

When a fan responded, "You are SO hilarious, we know exactly what you are talking about," she shot back, "lol peeps be cray."


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