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Kanye West has seemingly been MIA for much of Kim Kardashian's pregnancy, and now a tabloid claims he's also going to make himself scarce when his daughter actually arrives. In Touch alleges that Yeezy will steer clear of Kim when she brings forth the family's next reality TV star. No, he won't still be in Paris working on his album. Instead, he'll supposedly be at the hospital but nowhere near any of the actual birthing.

"He won't physically be in the delivery room," maintains a spy. "He's very squeamish and doesn't want to be around blood."

Kim, who is reportedly due next month, is "afraid Kanye will miss the birth entirely because he's so preoccupied with promoting his upcoming album," continues the source, adding for good measure that this is her "worst nightmare."

The mag's cover, which disingenuously features a photo that implies it was shot while Kim was in labor, also promises to tell you "all about her sad first days as a single mom," despite the fact that her bun is still baking.

Not surprisingly, a Kardashian confidant assures Gossip Cop that Kanye "is 100 percent planning to be present" when Kim gives birth, insisting, "He wouldn't miss it."

Meanwhile, the tab also maintains that Kim will become a mom in the same $3,000-a-day suite used by sister Kourtney at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, but she will keep the E! cameras out.

"She will have an epidural -- no C-section," tattles a "family insider." "It'll be the same routine as Kourtney."

As for her relationship with West, he still appears to be making romantic gestures. On Tuesday, Kardashian tweeted a photo featuring a few dozen roses, gushing (in an apparent nod to her squeeze), "Always making me feel special for no reason."


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