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CHP / Fame Flynet 1 / 20

Photos often provide a convenient storyline for the tabloids, especially when a newly single celebrity is spied in proximity to a potential love interest (in tabloid terms, that means anyone walking upright and sporting opposable thumbs).

So it's hardly surprising that the London Sun's imagination ran wild when a now Robert Pattinson-less Kristen Stewart was photographed sitting next to former "Boardwalk Empire" actor Michael Pitt at a Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week earlier this month.

"Kristen's not over Rob, but she's getting there, and Michael's helping her through it," alleges a source. "She vowed to throw herself into work and be single this summer. But when she met Michael last week, they hit it off."

Beyond their love of ratty white T-shirts, crankypants and grungy hair, "They both hate the spotlight and are smart bookworm types," explains the snitch.

Leaving aside the fact that two people who "hate the spotlight" agreed to attend a high-profile Chanel runway show, the hookup report has a couple problems.

For one thing, Pitt, 32, attended Fashion Week with model Jamie Bochert, whom he's been linked to since 2005. For another, sources tell us there's no absolutely no truth to this K.Stew dating report.


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