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Has Marilyn Manson once again asked a woman to share his sun-shunning life, until death (or the pallor of death) do they part? Life & Style claims the whey-faced rocker has popped the question to his supposed lady friend of five weeks, actress and self-described independent occult filmmaker-cum-industrial Goth rock artist Seraphim Ward, 27.

This would make at least the fourth time that Manson, 43, has proposed (previous fiancées include Rose McGowan, Evan Rachel Wood and Dita Von Teese, the only one who made it down the aisle with him).

"Marilyn proposed with a family ring," says a Seraphim insider. "I think it was his grandmother's. It's Celtic, and Seraphim says it has a magical bonding to the receiver."

Ward tweeted a photo of a sparkler (below), although this one doesn't so much say "family heirloom" as it does "available for five more minutes on QVC." She also bubbled, "I am still speechless and in shock!" But are they really engaged?

Even though Ward's rep seemed to confirm the betrothal rumors by telling L&S, "Seraphim is in a committed relationship and is over the moon about what her bright future holds with her partner," and enthusing to E! News, "Seraphim has recently made a life commitment to her partner and couldn't be happier!" Manson's manager tells Gossip Cop the report is "totally false."

"Marilyn Manson is not engaged to Seraphim Ward," adds his spokesman. "He has never met her."

Seraphim then cleared up the matter by tweeting, "WOW... HOW THE MEDIA TWIST THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am NOT engaged to Marilyn Manson, I look up to him and his work! I am with an x-bandmate, but it is NOT Manson!"

The story went that Manson fell hard and fast for Ward because they have so much in common, like a love of supernatural phenomena (she makes films about the paranormal and tweets witchy messages such as, "Bless It Be! There's MAGIC in the air and LIFE in the Runes!") and tortured souls ("The torments of my mind has become my gift," reads Seraphim's Twitter intro).

"They share an interest in the occult and have bonded fast," alleged the L&S source. "He's gotten her a house in the Hollywood Hills."

Here's hoping that ostensible house hasn't already magically bonded to the receiver.

For those keeping score, Manson's marriage to Von Teese ended 2007 after a year of togetherness. His on-again, off-again romance with so-called "twin" Wood fizzled in 2010, but it left us with his lasting words of love, including this gem: "I have fantasies every day about smashing her skull in with a sledgehammer." Last month, Marilyn raised eyebrows when he was seen in the company of Lana Del Rey."


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