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Evenly matched amounts of prettiness do not always add up to compatibility. To wit: Us Weekly reports that Jake Gyllenhaal recently enjoyed a brief but ultimately unsuccessful romance with Minka Kelly.

"It was never serious," shrugs a source of the pair's handful of dates, "and it's over now."

Too bad, because the actor, 31, had apparently been harboring a crush on the dark-haired looker, 32, for a while.

According to the mag, he asked her out last fall, but she gave him the brush-off because of her on-again, off-again three-year romance with New York Yankees star Derek Jeter.

"Minka wasn't into Jake when he first pursued her," sums up an insider.

But that doesn't explain how, post-Jeter, she ended up in the company of Wilmer Valderrama. Given the choice between a smitten Jake and the Handy Manny-voicing starlet defiler, the former seems like the logical choice.

Perhaps her together-time with Valderrama made her appreciate Gyllenhaal's interest a wee bit more. Seems that when Minka had her fill of the erstwhile Fez, she "decided to give Jake another chance."

Unfortunately, a few dates were supposedly all they needed to realize it wasn't meant to be. We just hope Jake, whose last high-profile romance was with Taylor Swift, isn't sitting around wondering what Fez had that he didn't.


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