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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux continue to pour cold water on breakup speculation. After months of rumblings that their wedding plans were on hold, the couple's nuptial train is apparently picking up speed. E! News reports they "spent some time" during their rendezvous in New York last week hammering out an aisle-walk strategy, a move that comes about 19 months after the actor-writer, 42, popped the question with a gigantic rock.

A source says the actress, 45, "wants to have an island wedding," and predicts that they will likely tie the knot in the latter half of the year, "no sooner than late summer or early fall."

Beachside nuptials wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility for Aniston, who enjoys nothing better than soaking up harmful UV rays in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Meanwhile, a dubious story from Heat magazine claims that Jen was spotted checking out wedding gowns in New York at bridal Mecca Kleinfeld's, which is better known as the camera-packed, tourist-filled setting for "Say Yes to the Dress."

An eyewitness claims the megastar was "snapping away on her iPhone and drinking wine like a giddy bride while dresses were paraded in front of her."

Again, best to take this with a big ol' boulder of salt, especially when you consider that Aniston has the means to commission -- privately -- a wedding dress from any number of willing and eager couturiers.

"She didn't try on any dresses herself, [but] she sat down with a dress consultant who brought out a few dozen," continues the spy. "She sipped her glass of wine, joking that she had done a juice cleanse the week before and had a lower tolerance than usual."

Speaking of cleanses, E! adds that Aniston is trying to drop a few pounds ahead of her starring role in the drama "Cake," and to that end is embarking on a "last-minute diet." Seems she "put on some weight" during her Manhattan meet-up with Theroux, who is in town shooting the HBO drama "The Leftovers."


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