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One day after Pauly D publicly declared how "proud" and "excited" he is to be a dad, his brand spanking new parental status has apparently hit a few snags. TMZ says the former "Jersey Shore" star turned ridiculously well-paid DJ is tussling with the mother of his 5-month-old baby girl over custody and money issues (but not, it turns out, over baby-related gym, tanning or hair gel issues).

How bad is it? A source alleges that the two, who supposedly hooked up during a "drunken night" in Las Vegas, "straight up hate each other."

Seems Pauly (real name: Paul DelVecchio) "doesn't think the woman is a fit mother" because she previously worked at Hooters, a fact that didn't appear to bother him during the brief Sin City encounter that produced their fist-pumping bundle of joy. (Also, this is a guy famous for appearing on an MTV show with Snooki and JWoww, so stones and glass houses, people.)

Other ostensible red flags raised by Pauly include the fact that the 25-year-old mom has another child and that, despite his willingness to support his offspring financially, she's "treating the kid like a winning lottery ticket," as purportedly evidenced by a photo of baby Amabella in her high chair surrounded by $100 bills (no word on whether the block of knives in the background is also a problem).

According to TMZ, Pauly has yet to meet the tot, who also resides in New Jersey, but he has filed court papers to grant him some level of custody. The mom has also filed court documents to officially establish paternity, which was reportedly confirmed via a DNA test.


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