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It might be time for Justin Bieber to relocate to a remote cabin in the woods, preferably away from any impressionable wildlife. TMZ says neighbors in the luxury Beverly Hills condo building the trouble-prone popster moved to earlier this month are up in arms over "excessive noise and marijuana."

Police have reportedly been called twice on Bieber, 20, who is renting two properties in the building: a penthouse (for him) and an unconnected apartment a floor below (for his minions).

"The smell of marijuana was permeating the floor, especially my hallway, which is shared by [Justin's] unit," complains one tenant.

Other alleged offenses include throwing a party last week that didn't break up until 4 a.m., and hosting another, smaller gathering on Monday in which the penthouse deck "was outfitted with bongs and a bar."

On the plus side, the Biebs, whose partying, purported vandalism and speeding did little to endear him in the Calabasas, Calif., gated community he was living in until January, has yet to egg anyone's door, so … progress.

In between making his neighbors experience a raging case of buyer's remorse, Bieber has been spending quality time with back-on squeeze Selena Gomez.

On Sunday, they surfaced at the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Garden, where they held hands while checking out otters, elephants and other creatures with Justin's visiting grandparents, an assistant and a pair of bodyguards.

"They were super-cute together," a source tells People. "Justin's extremely doting on her, and there hasn't been one second where he hasn't been touchy-feely and sweet with her. They're pretty inseparable and very affectionate."


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