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Someone in Justin Bieber's camp sure seems chatty about what allegedly went down during the Jan. 14 raid of his Calabasas, Calif., home. TMZ has two new stories detailing what the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department supposedly saw when they entered the popster's mansion with a search warrant to look for evidence in his purported egging of a neighbor's home.

According to sources, there were "drugs and drug paraphernalia strewn all over his house," including "two large cookie jars filled with weed in plain view," "four or five empty codeine bottles" and three bongs -- "one in the TV room and two in the kitchen."

Cops also located a "dedicated smoking room … complete with hookah pipes."

In addition, TMZ claims that Bieber, 19, has been downing high-quality Sizzurp, a cough medicine-with-codeine concoction typically laced with Sprite and Jolly Ranchers (it's suspected that someone in the Biebs' house preferred pineapple Fanta to Sprite). Insiders also contend he's been popping "prescription pills, including Xanax, in addition to lots of alcohol and weed."

Justin's inner circle is said to be urging him to check into rehab, "but so far he's been resistant."

While Bieber's pal Lil Za was arrested on suspicion of felony drug possession, police purportedly didn't seize the cookie jars or other items because the warrant was only for evidence related to the egging, including surveillance footage.

Not so, the sheriff's department insists to E! News. No "codeine bottles, containers of drugs or weed" or other illegal substances, other than the ones on Lil Za, were seen in the mansion. The sheriff also denies finding a "smoking room."

If Justin is concerned about any of this, he's playing it cool. Over the weekend, he posted images on Instagram of him "snowboarding with the fellas," along with a video that shows him dancing to French Montana's "Ain't Worried About Nothin'."

There's also a shot of a sleeping Lil Za with an unidentified naked heinie inches from his face. Bieber's caption: "@LilZa u ass leep????"


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