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Justin Bieber draws Canada ever closer to an international incident. Just days after Germany quarantined the undocumented capuchin monkey that the on-tour popster attempted to bring into the country on a private jet, Austria has also apparently been treated to his recent spiral into trouble.

Bieber, 19, has been banned from Vienna's "trendiest" nightclub after his bodyguards allegedly became aggressive with patrons in the wee hours of Saturday morning. The Austrian Times claims his minders smashed cameras and cell phones at hot spot Passage. They're also accused of manhandling young female fans, some of whom "left in tears."

"Justin Bieber is no longer welcome here," club manager Joachim Bankel is quoted as saying.

Bieber's rep did not respond to our request for comment. And no, we don't know if the monkey was involved.

This is the latest in a string of questionable behavior, all of which seems to indicate that Justin is going through a teen version of the terrible twos. Recent incidents include purportedly spitting in a neighbor's face; screaming threats at a paparazzo; showing up late to a sold-out London show; walking through a freezing airport in Poland sans shirt; and kvetching about his "worst birthday" after a London club reportedly asked him to leave.

Meanwhile, the Biebs got into the April Fools' Day spirit by targeting the website that has enthusiastically chronicled his every misstep.

On Monday, Justin took to Twitter to announce he was "taking all fan phone calls" on an 800 number. Turns out he actually directed his nearly 37 million followers to TMZ's tip line.

The tweet was soon deleted, but probably not before TMZ racked up some hefty charges for the toll-free punking.


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