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Every day, you drag your carcass out of bed and head off to work, hoping that one day, your efforts will pay off, and you'll be able to take a nice vacation, or maybe start a college fund for the kids. Well, be prepared to feel like a chump, because while you were busy toiling away, some random 18-year-old supposedly earned more than a quarter-million bucks by acting like a complete moron.

TMZ says the teenager who allegedly ended up on the wrong side of Kanye West's fists earlier this month after he tossed racially charged insults at Kim Kardashian has pocketed a hefty settlement from the rapper.

The guy is believed to have walked away with more than $250,000 in a civil settlement over the Jan. 13 incident, in which he purportedly insulted Kim and used the n-word as she walked into a paparazzi-surrounded office building in Beverly Hills.

Kanye, who was nearby, came to help her, and he reportedly followed the teen into a chiropractor's office, where a tussle ensued.

According to TMZ, the purported settlement makes it far less likely that Yeezy will be prosecuted for battery.

Before the incident, Kim and Kanye were heading into a meeting to discuss furniture for their new Bel Air estate, and judging by their rumored interior design plans, the $250,000-plus payout won't put much of a dent in their finances.

"To date, Kim and Kanye have spent $4 million on the house, and the renovations will cost in excess of $6 million when it's all said and done," a Kardashian confidante tells Life & Style. "They won't be in there until July or August."

The home improvements are said to include a new gym, movie theater, bowling alley, basketball court and "top quality" recording studio, along with close to a $1 million in Electrolux kitchen appliances.

Yeezy has also picked out "millions of dollars" in custom-made Italian furniture, including seemingly itchy beds made from cashmere, Mongolian horsehair and virgin lamb's wool (no trampy lambs for Kanye). The supposed piece de tacky résistance: a Swarovski-encrusted refrigerator, because practical is his middle name.

"Kanye is obsessed with every single aspect of this house," explains a source. "He says it's like a work of art and that there's no detail too small for him to be involved in."

The betrothed lovebirds have been staying with daughter North at Kris Jenner's Calabasas, Calif., mansion.

"It's frustrating for Kim," says a spy. "He's impossible to please and thinks nothing of changing direction midway and starting over."


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