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The best way to bounce back from a fizzled marriage: act like a big tease with the rumor mill. Katy Perry spent part of Super Bowl weekend in Indianapolis poking fun at tabloid reports claiming her evangelical parents have been trying to fix her up with faith-based football star Tim Tebow.

On Saturday night, the popster took the stage for her first U.S. concert since her split from Russell Brand, and she made a pointed dedication while performing at DIRECTV's Sixth Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl.

"This one goes out to Tim Tebow," she announced, as she began belting out her oh-so-subtle, single-entendre song "Peacock" (sample lyrics, which are enough to embarrass even the most strapping virgin: "Word on the street / You have something to show me / Come on baby let me see / What you're hiding underneath / Are you brave enough to let me see your peacock?").

Perry, 27, offered the Denver Broncos quarterback, 24, another shout-out earlier in the evening during the star-packed NFL Honors Ceremony. She was there to present an award to Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, but took a minute give a nod to Tebow, who was sitting in the front row.

"Hi, Tim," said Katy. "My parents say hi."

But while the singer was making the NFL-er blush, he apparently had his eye trained in another direction.

According to the New York Post, Tebow ignored "hordes of cocktail dress-clad ladies" at an ESPN bash on Friday night to focus on "Extra" host Maria Menounos, 33, who did a Tebow impression in her couture gown while working the red carpet at last month's Golden Globes Awards.

"He only seemed to have eyes [for her]," relays a snitch, adding that the pair chitchatted for over an hour. "It looked quite flirtatious. They were taking pictures Tebowing together."

And the Chicago Sun-Times says that during the bash, Tebow was overheard gushing of Menounos, "Wow! She's not only gorgeous, she's really sweet, too."


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