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Katy Perry may have pulled off the impossible: She's made John Mayer look like superior boyfriend material. A month after the pair once again parted ways, the doll-faced popster seemingly agreed to go out with rapper Riff Raff, who's known for appearing at the Grammys in a variety of ridiculous outfits.

The Instagram photo below was posted by Riff Raff (born Horst Christian Simco) last Wednesday with the caption, "ON A DATE WiTH KATY PERRY SHE iS PURDY." She regrammed it for Throwback Thursday, joking, "TBT to when I went on a date with Riff Raff."

The joke apparently being that it only happened a few days before.

So, what did these crazy kids do on their night out (if indeed it was a date and not just a quick photo op)?

In a mostly incomprehensible interview conducted while he fondled a bikini-clad brunette in Miami, Riff Raff tells TMZ that it was an "average date" consisting of fun, sushi, bowling and a few drinks.

"Just chilled," he said (watch the chat here).

And even though he acknowledges that they only had the "one date," the corn-rowed rapper remains optimistic.

"Who knows where things might go? Just got to see where things lead to," he mumbled, before opining that he hopes to see Perry again when she returns from "Belgium" next week (ah, the old "I have to go to Belgium" date-escape ploy).

"I'm just out here in Miami enjoying the weather and the beautiful view," Riff Raff said as he slapped the brunette's thong-clad posterior. "But me and Katy Perry might go on a second date. Another one. Round two."


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