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CMG / ZOJ / WENN 1 / 18

Kim Kardashian may have starred in a sex tape and a Playboy spread, but she has standards, and unsanitary cooking conditions don't make the grade. The Kanye-dating reality starlet denies she's the callipygian brunette frying eggs butt-naked in a photo that's currently sweeping across the Interwebs.

"SHOCK PIC: Nude Pic Of Kim Kardashian HITS THE NET . . . And It's An OLD PIC . . . Before She Got Her BOOBS DONE!!!" trumpets semi-intelligibly.

A few red flags with the image, which first surfaced on The profile of the face seems off, the dated kitchen doesn't meet Kardashian standards and Kim isn't known for doing manual labor.

Plus, her rep emphatically assures Wonderwall, "It is NOT her."

The shot popped up just as Kim made a well-received cameo on the live "30 Rock" episode on Thursday night.

According to TMZ, she used the acting gig as a chance to clear the air with another guest star, Jon Hamm, who last month said of Kim and her ilk, "Stupidity is certainly celebrated. Being a [bleeping] idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture."

A Kim konfidant says the two chatted after the show and "laughed it off," adding that the Disney prince-handsome actor was "very sweet and respectful."

And despite having such a busy day, Kardashian still found time to tweet a bikini shot. Click through the photos above to see her looking moist, golden-haired and oiled-up in a teeny two-piece, which she was using to quell her sweet tooth.

"Decided to not eat the cake!" she shared. "This pic put me in check."


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