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The rumor mill has long churned with whispers of behind-the-scenes machinations on the set of "Glee," but now one alleged dust-up has gone public. TMZ says leading lady Lea Michele and co-star Naya Rivera are feuding, a situation that caused a "near mutiny" and concluded with one of them leaving the set.

Unfortunately, it's unclear which actress made the dramatic exit.

Here's the deal, according to TMZ: Naya loyalists say that the many members of the cast and crew were "annoyed" on Tuesday because Lea made everyone cool their heels while "she stepped away to deal with personal matters."

Rivera allegedly complained to producers that Michele's "diva antics" were causing tension. When Lea returned and learned about Naya's apparent tête-à-tête with the powers-that-be, she "left the set in a huff."

But in a twist worthy of "Rashomon," Michele's camp has an entirely different take on events, purporting that she was "totally unaware" of being an object of grumbling, and it was Rivera "who got tossed off the set." According to TMZ, there's talk that the increasingly Kim Kardashian-esque Rivera was fired, but her people deny that's the case.

The spin has it that Lea's "personal matters" were actually a scheduled Twitter chat with fans, and Naya was already upset about matters unrelated to her co-star.

A source tells Gossip Cop that the spat speculation is "off base and exaggerated."

Adding another layer to the story is a blind item that made the rounds this week that many suspected involved Lea, Naya and Naya's newly minted ex-fiancé, Big Sean.

It involved an actress who found text messages on her fiancé's phone that showed he was involved with her co-star. The clues seemed to point toward "Glee." Of course, blind items are best served with a big ol' boulder of salt, although it'll be interesting to see whether Rachel or Santana emerges victorious in this apparent feud.


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