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The clubs of New York may be unintentionally doing Lindsay Lohan a big favor. Page Six says the recidivism-prone starlet has been banned from some of Manhattan's hottest hot spots.

On Friday night, Lindsay, 27, reportedly attempted to enter 1Oak, the scene of her alleged fur-napping last week, only to be rebuffed at the door.

"She stared the doorman down and was surprised that they wouldn't let her in," says a source. "She was definitely shaken up."

Seems the purportedly missing coat (more on that below) was the final straw for the nightclub, which had dealt with one too many of her antics.

So, was this experience the motivation the aging party girl needed to head home, tail between her legs, where she took to her bed with a cup of hot chocolate, a copy of the New Yorker and a powerful new determination to enter a more mature phase of her life? Oh, if only …

According to the paper, Lohan received a similar cold shoulder when she tried to get into new Meatpacking district club Up & Down. Even worse, the alleged rejection took place as a variety of famous faces (Ryan Phillippe, Bar Refaeli, Kate Upton) waltzed by her and into the venue. The ultimate humiliation: Her onetime frenemy, Paris Hilton, also received the green light to go inside.

"[Lindsay] turned away to her friends and looked really embarrassed," relays a spy.

She's not the only troublemaker getting snubbed. 1Oak also turned away Justin Bieber on Sunday, reports the New York Daily News.

"While Bieber may be one of the biggest stars in the world, most clubs don't want the hassle of having him inside anymore," relays an insider. "He is radioactive until he stops being so volatile. No one wants the bad press that follows him everywhere he goes."

The paper says the underage popster, 19, was also barred from at least four Super Bowl parties.

As for Lindsay's ostensibly missing jacket, TMZ says she got it back thanks to injured Seattle Seahawks player Sidney Rice, who had been hanging at Lohan's table at 1Oak.

He apparently noticed that she'd left half of her two-piece, $75,000 coat behind so "took it home for safekeeping." Rice got in touch with LiLo's people and they picked it up the next day.