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Lindsay Lohan's busy nocturnal schedule has led to whispers that she's falling back into old habits, and her latest rendezvous won't do much to halt the rumors. X17online spied LiLo looking cozy with ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson while hanging at New York club Le Baron on Tuesday night.

"Lindsay and Sam were whispering and laughing, and they left the club holding hands," relays an eyewitness. "They didn't care who saw them, and they definitely seem to be back on. It was just like the old days -- they couldn't get enough of each other!"

When we contacted Lohan's rep about the reunion rumors, he told us, "We don't comment on Lindsay's personal life."

Lohan, 25, and Ronson, 34, messily parted ways in 2009 after about two years of volatile togetherness. In early 2011, a freshly rehabbed LiLo moved into a condo in Venice, Calif., that happened to be right next door to the DJ, a too-close-for-comfort scenario that the onetime actress insisted was just a coincidence.

"Lindsay has been asking Sam for another chance for months," a source alleged to Star in April. "She's dated a few guys, but nothing has worked out. Lindsay's convinced Sam is the perfect partner for her."

Ronson might need more persuading. She's currently promoting her new album, "Chasing the Reds," which includes a song widely believed to be about Lohan.

Among the lyrics of "Sometimes When You Win, You Lose": "I just wanted to find some peace with you/ You needed the noise as proof/ And we started this war on the same side/ Now I feel just like a hostage in the room/ But I'm trying to find a way out alive."

When asked about speculation that the ditty is about Lindsay, Sam told the Daily Beast, "Maybe they'd be right. Maybe they'd be wrong."

And the hostage part? "Most people would assume that it's figurative, that it's about emotions. But maybe it's not," explains Ronson. "Maybe it's actually literal. It was not a healthy relationship."


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