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Oh, karma. Sometimes you totally crack us up. Case in point: TMZ says Lindsay Lohan claims "half of her $75,000 fur coat" went missing at New York hot spot 1Oak, the very same place where she was accused of pilfering a stranger's pricey pelt back in 2008.

(Yes, six years later, Lindsay is still hitting the same clubs instead of moving forward with her life, but anyway …)

According to TMZ, LiLo walked into 1Oak on Wednesday night wearing some sort of expensive, bisected jacket, which, given the state of her finances, she should really sell for cash and then funnel into a savings account. Alas, when she walked out, she was styling only one of the pieces.

She promptly turned around and marched back in to find the absent half of her fuzzy ensemble. Lohan reportedly called everyone she'd hung out with inside the nightclub, to no avail. The only person she couldn't reach: an unnamed Seattle Seahawks player.

So there you have it: If one of the Seahawks hits the field on Super Bowl Sunday sporting fur on his shoulder pads, Lindsay will have her purported coat-napper (although, anyone else think she just misplaced it and is kicking up drama? Yeah, us, too).

For those of you who don't remember the original incident, Lohan was accused of walking out of 1Oak in a $12,000 golden-sheared mink coat that didn't belong to her.

The owner discovered the fate of her jacket (a gift from her grandmother) when she saw a paparazzi photo of Lindsay wearing it. The coat was returned via an intermediary, but it didn't stop the owner from suing Lohan.


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